Articles and Essays


forthcoming “Political Ideology and Public Health” Social Philosophy and Policy (initial submission invited)

forthcoming “Public Reason Illiberalism and Ideology” (with Jason Brennan and Chris Freiman) Australasian Journal of Philosophy,

2022 "Wealth Without Limits" (With Chris Freiman) Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 

2022 "Social Equality as an Institutional Ideal" Ethics Politics and Society

2021 “Speech and Campus Inclusivity” (with Alec Greven) Public Affairs Quarterly 

2020 “The Ethics of Prenatal Injury” Journal of Moral Philosophy 

2020 “Drug War Reparations” (with Chris Freiman) Res Philosophica

2020   "Boundary Problems and Self Ownership" Social Philosophy & Policy

2018            "Duty and Enforcement" Journal of Political Philosophy

2017             "All Liberty is Basic" Res Publica 

2017             "Philosophical Methodology and Leadership Ethics" Leadership 

2016             "Sweatshop Regulations and Workers' Choices" Journal of Business Ethics

2016             "Rethinking Freedom of Contract" Philosophical Studies 

2016             "Seat Belt Mandates and Paternalism" Journal of Moral Philosophy

2015             "Obstetric Autonomy and Informed Consent" Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

2014              “A Defense of Compulsory Vaccination” HEC Forum 26 (1), 5-25

2014              "Non-culpable ignorance and HIV Criminalisation" The Journal of Medical Ethics

2013               “Public Bioethics” Public Health Ethics, 6 (2), 170-184.

2013              “Inequality and Markets in Bodily Services” Political Theory, 41 (1), 144-150

2013              “Charisma and Moral Reasoning” Religions, 4 (2), 216-229.

2013              “Economic Freedom and the ACA” Public Affairs Quarterly 27 (3), 215-241

2013              “Adderall for All: A Defense of Pediatric Neuroenhancement” HEC Forum, 25 (1) 325-344. 

2012              “Three Arguments Against Prescription Requirements” The Journal of Medical Ethics, 38 (10), 579-586.

Chapters and Essays

2023 “Prohibition and Pandemic Risks” Pandemic Ethics: From Covid 19 to Disease X ( Oxford)

2023 “Credibility and the Standpoint Expectation” Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy.

2022 “Anarchism and Redistribution” Wealth and Power (Oxford) 

2022 “Revisiting Pharmaceutical Freedom” HEC Forum

2022 “Leaderless Work and Workplace Participation” Debating Leaderless Management (Palgrave)

2022 “Public Health and Healthcare Policy” Routledge Companion to Libertarianism, (Routledge)

2021 “Deception and Sexual Harassment” Palgrave Handbook of Sexual Ethics, (Palgrave)

2021 “The Case for Decriminalizing Sex Work” Routledge Handbook on Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality, (Routledge)

2020 “The Rawlsian Mirror of Justice” Symposium on Liberalism and Distributive Justice, Philosophy and Public Issues)

2020 "Ethical failure and leadership – treatment and selection” Debating Bad Leadership: Reasons and Remedies (Palgrave)

2019            "An Anarchist Defense of the Basic Income" The Future of Work, Technology, and Basic Income (Routledge) 

2018            "Coercion and Privatization" NOMOS

2017            "Libertarianism and Medicine" The Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism (Routledge)

2017            "Kantian Ethics, Wellbeing, and Disability" The Ethics of Ability and Enhancement (Palgrave)

2016            “Patient Driven Drug Development” Philosophical Issues in Pharmaceuticals (Springer)            

2016           “Double Standards and Arguments for Tobacco Regulation” Journal of Medical Ethics, 42 (5), 305-311.

2015           “The Ethics of Authentic Leadership” in Leadership and Ethics (Bloomsbury)

2015           “Can Social Costs Justify Public Health Paternalism?” in New Perspectives on Paternalism and Health Care (Springer)

2014            “Employers’ Rights and the ACA” (modified version of “Economic Freedom and the ACA,”)     in The Affordable Care Act Decision: Philosophical and Legal Implications (Routledge)

2014           “The Perils of Public Health Regulation” Society, 52 (3), 229-236.

2013           “Commentary: An Argument for Permitting Amphetamines and Instant Release Methylphenidate”  American Journal of Bioethics, 13 (7), 49-51

2013           “Commentary: Refusal Rights, Law, and Medical Paternalism in Turkey” The Journal of Medical Ethics

2012           “Prescription requirements: a reply to Taylor, Martin and Eyal” The Journal of Medical Ethics, 38 (10): 591-592

Edited Volume

2017           The Ethics of Ability and Enhancement   (Palgrave)


2016           “Review: Values and Vaccine Refusal” Journal of Value Inquiry  

2015          “Review Essay: What Money Can’t Buy” Leadership and the Humanities 3(1): 73-78.

2014          “Review Essay: Our Bodies Whose Property?” APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, Fall 2014

Collaborative Scholarship

·       Blumenthal-Barby, Jennifer, Sean Aas, Dan Brudney, Jessica Flanigan, S. Matthew Liao, Alex London, Wayne Sumner, and Julian Savulescu. "The place of philosophy in bioethics today." The American Journal of Bioethics (2021): 1-12.

·       Earp, Brian D., Jonathan Lewis, Carl L. Hart, and with Bioethicists and Allied Professionals for Drug Policy Reform. "Racial justice requires ending the war on drugs." The American Journal of Bioethics 21, no. 4 (2021): 4-19.

Encyclopedia Entries

    “Ethical Leadership” The Sage Encyclopedia of Leadership Studies, Forthcoming

·   “Moral Risk” The Sage Encyclopedia of Leadership Studies, Forthcoming